Hotel Productivity

Managing your hotel’s services has never looked this good. With our friendly Property Management System, your efficiency and productivity will soar — all in sleek simplicity. A modern hotelier’s dream.

Managing Hotel is Hard
Akomate Made it Easy

We strive to optimize the operation of our customers’ team with the best user experience and the most complete functionality.

Offline Ready
Stay connected and keep up the team productivity with our next level offline capabilities.
Details Matter
An optimized management system specialized in accommodating your specific needs.
Easy Interface
Be in control and save more time also money with the friendliest user interface.

Manage Reservations

Let's handle your various reservations coming from different sources with high flexibility and optimal speed. Cater complex demands of groups in terms of request, payment, and room management. Akomate empowers you with rich functionalities without confusion.

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Web Booking
Flexible Group Room
Reservation Handover

Analyse Reports

Instead of an old school regular report we provide real time charts built in for you to analyze your hotel in a glance. We have prepared to give you an insight of your property, business-wise and operational-wise.

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Data Comparison
Interactive Report
Chart Visualizations

Plan Revenues

Enhanced with the built in Reporting Solution, Akomate makes it easy for your team to meet the objective through a great pricing strategy for each specific market segment. Utilize seasons, company rates, and don’t forget the inclusions that your hotel can offer to pump it up.

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Seasons Planning
Company Rates
Policy Settings

Control Rooms

Allow your room controller to catch some breaths. Get full control over all rooms and be equipped to face all daily check-ins, check-outs, stay extensions, room upgrades, and much more requests swiftly without hassle.

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Multi Extend
Room Exchange
Split Bill