Team Behind Akomate

User-Centric is Our Core Vision and Reason.

We want to focus on users, their experience and their feelings when they can easily accomplish their tasks. We team up with hoteliers to create impactful solutions based on their problem and their needs through our features. Ultimately, this positive experience can be reflected in overall hotel operations which in turn deliver a pleasant guest experiences.

Our Question:
What Can We Improve Then?

When we started this journey, there were already many options for rich-feature hotel solutions in the market. What sets us apart is that our system is adaptive and continually improving with our cloud hotel operation system that transforms the hospitality industry into a more efficient and profitable business.

Headquartered in Potsdam (the south-west of Berlin), commsult has been a specialist in mobile software solution for 20 years, with other offices in 3 countries. We are one of the leading providers for the simple expansion of business processes on mobile devices that focus on solving “the ‘most common’ concerns of customers”.

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