Create and Publish Rate

It’s time to ditch
the “Complicated Workflow”

We know that creating your best price can be tricky yet we want to make the process enjoyable for you. Now you can create and sell interesting offers to your guests, you are in control.

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Formulate Best Seasons
with Best Rates

We mean all year round! Either it is for a regular and special season, you can plan, formulate, distribute the best price at the right time to all your reservation channels with our pricing engine.

Reporting Like Magic

Jam packed with innovation, we comprehend your business performance and growth pattern by this analytics tool to precise rate formulation.

Within seconds you can analyze your business that creates clarity and detailed understanding of what is going on. Instant control at your fingertips and personalized experience for your company.

Revenue Management

Mathematics done automatics with Akomate. Optimize your revenue management system with Akomate to maximize your profit in just few clicks away.

Regular Rate Setup
Easy to Setup, Simple to Create.
Mirror Rate Setup
Seize the moment
Get more out of Rates
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