Understand Your Data

In Seconds



Master the growth strategy by monitoring your business performance in seconds. We turn your data sets into visually practical information for powerful decisions. Let’s identify your best target market and market segment production.

Reports. Get the outline of your Hotel’s productivity from daily to yearly. The new performance of our system delivers better results in the long run as information is presented in an updated look.

Use Data That You Need

Simplify your tasks to accomplish and achieve more. No more overwhelming feeling to deal with information you do not need.

Accomplish More With Less. Akomate is the only system that will help its users to create more productivity and enhance their focus by providing flexibility. Level up your business through achieving excellence by focusing on one task at a time.

Save and Share Your Findings

Generate your own files, even with the most complicated data, to better organize all the information you need for the time-saving process.

Powered by Akomate, your business reports are safe and easily stored even without internet connectivity. Take control of your business without a hassle even in a remote location.


Get the insight of your valuable data and a detailed insight of your performance report with our business intelligence. A complete and powerful analytic tool with the ability to compare and contrast that hoteliers would ever need.

Occupancy Report
Cancellation Report
No Show Report
Production Report
Room Revenue Report
Outlet Transaction Report
Compare and Contrast
Dynamic Report
Chart Visualizations